Sparnex xDSL 迴路模擬測試設備
Sparnex Instruments  products are dedicated to test, simulate and generate all aspects of the Physical Layer (Layer 1) for testing compliance, benchmark and performance of Access Products CPE's and DSLAM's as well as testing the performance of the higher layers 2-7 under realistic Physical Layer deployment conditions.

Programmable Physical Layer to test the Performance of Broadband Services
The Broadband TestCenter? includes all elements of an operational network including the access network and Physical Layer.

Interoperability, Compliance & Benchmark Testing
Manual or automatic testing of access products compliance to Standards.

Multi-Line Multi-channel for production grade testing of CPE's and DSLAM's
Large multi-line capacity simulator, up to 1200 ports.


Sparnex 的產品線 :

Sparnex 支援以下的標準 Testing DSL standards :

ETR 152 (HDSL)
ETR 328 (ADSL)
TS 101 135 (HDSL-ISDN)
TS 101 388 (ADSL-ISDN)
TS 101 524 (SDSL)
TS 101 270 (VDSL)

T1.413 (ADSL)
T1.417 (ADSL2plus)
T1.418 (HDSL2)
TA-NWT-001210 (Bellcore)
T1.417 (ADSL2plus)

G.991.1 (HDSL)
G.991.2 (G.SHDSL)
G.992.1 (ADSL)
G.992.2 (ADSL-G.Lite)
G.992.3 (ADSL2)
G.992.4 (ADSL2-G.Lite)
G.992.5 (ADSL2plus)
G.993.1/2 (VDSL)
G.996.1 (G.test)

TR-048 (ADSL) US, EU
TR-067 (ADSL2) US, EU
TR-100 (ADSL2plus) US, EU
TR-120 (H-ADSL2plus) US, EU
WT-114 (VDSL2) US, EU, JP
WT-127 (Dynamic Splitter Testing)



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