NETSCOUT (VSS) 網路資料分流設備

網路資料分流設備 v 4x24 Distributed Tap 介紹

The 1G/10G v4x24 Distributed TAP is a member of the Distributed Traffic Capture System (DTCS) family. Sixteen 1G fixed media ports, eight 1G SFP ports, and four 10G XFP ports allow for flexible traffic access. Users have complete control over how the TAP, operating fully at layers 1 and 2, refines and delivers traffic to their selected passive monitoring tools with NETSCOUT' Base and Packet Optimization feature sets.

Secure: Local and remote manageability with user-specific access restrictions, AAA user authentication, and traffic ports without an IP address on the network combine to safeguard your security and performance monitoring tools and access to the DTCS units.

Flexible: Dynamic port type (input, output, or stack) and setting configurability, with pluggable ports, provide adaptable solutions to meet your specific deployment needs.

High Performance: Full line rate throughput, all layer 1 and 2 functionality, and low latency throughput to monitor output guarantee full visibility at line speed.

Reliable: Redundant power supplies, Hyper-fast failover and link re-negotiation for 1G copper networks (vAssure), and 100% passive inline optical access ensure your network never goes down.

Scalable: Up to 63 DTCS devices can be stacked to form a network intelligence optimization layer on one unified platform.