Beyond Security堅實及安全測試平台



Beyond Security堅實及安全測試平台

Product: beSTORM



Black Box Software Analysis Tool

beSTORMR intelligently attempts every possible combination of unexpected input to uncover new and unknown vulnerabilities in software, files and hardware.
By automatically testing billions of attack combinations, beSTORM ensures the security of products before they are released or deployed,
saving companies potential millions in costs associated with fixing security holes after products are shipped.
beSTORM can detect application anomalies and indicate a successful attack with almost no user intervention.


Key Features:

  • Robustness Test using Smart Fuzzing Technique
  • Black Box Software Analysis Tool
  • Finds vulnerabilities by trying attacks to see if they are successful
  • Tests at all levels including network, protocol, file, hardware, DLL and API
  • Exhaustively tests the full test space rather than focusing on a pre-set number of scenarios
  • Stable and repeatable tests for security compliance checking
  • 24/7 unlimited support with success to the Beyond Security network of security experts
  • Auto-Learning of New or Proprietary communication standards
  • A powerful monitor detects when even the slightest buffer overflow, format string, or memory exception occurs